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Co-Produced by Reeling & Writhing
and Howden Park Centre.

In association with Platform, Glasgow.

If I Was A Mouse I Would Hide In Your Hood

Director Katherine Morley
Composer Paul Rissmann
Set Designer Karen Tennant

The acrobatic tail of an ordinary mouse dangles deliciously before us...

Snuggle in and cozy up for an enchanting tale of imagination, friendship and discovery.
Mouse wants to play games, ask questions, fly to the moon and go to the party. But she's shy.
Mouse likes hide and seek best of all (mostly hiding) but there's no-one to find her - until a new family move in.
"If I was a Mouse..." is an intimate adventure told by two performer-puppeteers; it's made of tricks and tales, puppets and people, music, mice and friends. Mouse's world is brought to life with more than a whisker of fairy tale magic.
With music by international children’s composer Paul Rissmann and a beautiful accompanying e-book illustrated by Helen Hicks.

Dates and Ticket Details at WHAT'S ON .


Touring 22 Oct - 7 Nov 2010. Dates and Ticket Details at WHAT'S ON .


A beautiful illustrated book to accompany the show has been written by Tim Nunn and illustrated by Helen Hicks. The book is a prequel to the show, introducing some of the characters but not spoiling the ending of the show itself!

During the run of the show the book is available for free as a download.


Click here for some of the fantastic music from the show composed by Paul Rissmann.