Studying Poca

The typical household size in Poca, WV is 2.94 family members, with 78.3% being the owner of their particular homes. The mean home value is $132237. For people paying rent, they spend on average $836 per month. 45.4% of homes have 2 sources of income, and a median household income of $59659. Average individual income is $29619. 8.9% of residents survive at or beneath the poverty line, and 19.7% are considered disabled. 12.5% of citizens are former members associated with the military.

Poca, WV is situated in Putnam county, and has a populace of 974, and is part of the higher Charleston-Huntington-Ashland, WV-OH-KY metro area. The median age is 44.7, with 8.8% regarding the population under ten several years of age, 12.2% between ten-nineteen many years of age, 9.1% of inhabitants in their 20’s, 11.2% in their 30's, 14.7% in their 40’s, 15.7% in their 50’s, 6.9% in their 60’s, 10.2% in their 70’s, and 11% age 80 or older. 50.8% of citizens are male, 49.2% female. 48.9% of inhabitants are reported as married married, with 18.9% divorced and 22.9% never wedded. The % of people recognized as widowed is 9.2%.

The work force participation rate in PocaThe work force participation rate in Poca is 53.3%, with an unemployment rate of 3.4%. For many when you look at the work force, the typical commute time is 19.8 minutes. 6.2% of Poca’s populace have a grad diploma, and 13.6% have earned a bachelors degree. For those without a college degree, 27% attended at least some college, 41.3% have a high school diploma, and only 11.8% have received an education lower than high school. 7.3% are not included in medical health insurance.

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